Monday, February 24, 2014

Today was the first time seeing our students since the weekend, and it was fun over-hearing them tell stories of what they'd done over the weekend. Some went to Futuroscope (a futuristice theme park), visited Nantes and one even had the pleasure of helping deliver a baby cow on the farm! Also, the number one topic on every teenager's mind seems to be food, so we thought we'd include a sampling of the dishes that have been mentioned:
-foie gras
-rillettes and other pork pâtés
-a dish called "headless birds" (really just chicken stuffed with ham)
-purple mustard made partly with grapes
-pork cheeks in honey
-plenty of Orangina
-honey of all different flavors (it seems it will be a very popular gift for friends at home)
-tapenade (olive spread)
-countless varietites of cheeses, and of course...
-French candy!
More to come from Angers.

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