Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today we saw the Louvre where we made it to the three highlights but only just barely--the teachers had a heck of a time reading maps and navigating the crowds. We even ran into another Brookline family with two high school age boys! What are the chances?!
Kari took a group through the cavernous Catacombes while Laura's group checked out Monet's extra-large waterlily murals and a photography exhibit. Today's highlight was the group dinner at the charming La Citrouille restaurant in St. Germain: soupe à l'oignon, boeuf Bourguinon and mousse au chocolat were the most popular choices!
We'll be sad to be leaving Paris but we are very excited to be reunited with our host brothers and sisters tomorrow (and relieved at the prospect of much less walking).
The next update will be from Angers! A bientôt!

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